Band Members

Johnny K
Johnny K

Johnny K has been involved in music from a very young age. He is a self-taught singer – however if you asked him he would tell you that Johnny Mathis taught him how to sing. Johnny K’s parents would listen to a Johnny Mathis 8-track tape every day and Johnny K started to imitate the great singer. It’s no surprise that Johnny K started his singing career by imitating Johnny Mathis in clubs and casinos around Arizona including Casino Arizona, Matazal Casino, and the Globe Casino.

Johnny has also starred in shows with: JD’s Legendary Stars, Stars on 45, The Rags Allen Trio and DJ’s Old School Stars – perfecting the standards and great music of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Johnny brings all this experience to his current role as lead singer of Johnny K and Kompany.

Johnny would personally like to invite you to come hear Johnny K and Kompany. You will have a grand experience of yester-year with a touch of simplicity and timelessness of the standards and music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

"Doc" Rosinski
Doc Rosinski

It was 1966, age 14, working at my cousins bar playing for New Years Eve, this is where it all began. For the next several years I entertained at weddings, anniversaries, and picnics, with a variety band. All good times. I then moved on to play Chicago’s south side bars and clubs in a top 40 rock band. Moving to phoenix, the venue changed once again where I entertained for several years playing German songs at the ”Felsen House”, a neighborhood German restaurant in Phoenix. While working one night I was approached by several guys putting together a band,  it was at that point I joined phoenix’s only Chicago style polka band. We went on to record a number of albums, one of which was nominated for a Grammy on 2002. I still occasionally work with them to this day. Living in the southwest you need to adapt to your environment, so I began working with the “Connie Morado band”, a well known 8-piece band in the Hispanic community. The group backed up “Fandango”, “La Mafia”, “Jerry Jeff walker”,  and the famous “Freddy Fender and the Texas Tornados”.  After several years it was time to make another change. Country music was my next challenge. I landed a weekend gig at “El Alamo” as part of the house band “western cyclone”, that lasted for seven years. When the bars closed  I then worked with various country bands until I was introduced to Johnny K, whom I have worked with for several years now. It has been a pleasure making music with Johnny and this group of talented musicians. Let the good times roll……………………………………………………

Phil Zweig

Phillip Zweig is a doctoral student at Arizona State University where he is completing a degree in classical guitar performance under maestro Frank Koonce. He is also a student of jazz and composition, and performs locally in other styles including country, rock, blues, and R&B. As a musician he includes teaching, performing, research and composition as essential activities. Phil began learning guitar at about 14 years old and got his first guitar teaching job at Sedola Music in Tonawanda,New York when he was seventeen. With over thirty years teaching experience he has seen many of his students find success in gigging bands as well high school and college music programs. He has taught all ages, levels, style interests, individual as well class instruction.

Dave Marshall

Drummer David Marshall Bornhoft is a 30 year professional musician….and still has as much passion for drumming today as he did when first starting out in Montana! Dave cites many musical sources of inspiration through the years but has a special place in his heart for 1970’s pop rock. He has worked as a touring musician, studio session artist, live sound engineer, recording studio owner/operator, wedding and party DJ/sound man, drum and vocal instructor, web master and graphic artist. Dave is self-employed and says “All work is fair game, but the thing I do every day is drum!” Passion for music combined with effort and dedication to his craft help Dave consistently improve. “I’m sharing the stage with some fantastic talent and I’m excited to be a positive contributor as the newest member of Johnny K and Kompany!” says Dave.

He is a TJS Drums endorsee

and owner/operator of